Unearthed Biography Page Image: Character image of a skull with an abstract crown/head piece of nature. Image is rendered as a negative.
UNEARTHED: established 2003

Originating from the nineties into the noughties, Acid Bunny is the graphic designer and visual artist behind UNEARTHED.

Born out of over thirty years of being inspired by almost every aspect of the dance music scene, as well as being brought up within a graphic design company spanning over five decades, UNEARTHED became somewhat inevitable!

In just a few short years, Acid Bunny established UNEARTHED through the Music Open Learning Programme and Bristol CSV, where they helped to turn ideas into reality.

Starting with small roots, UNEARTHED seeded itself in the industry with sure, reputable and steady growth. Working alongside numerous music artists, labels and promoters, the era of the ‘Free Party Showcase’ events emerged. The early 2000s started a series of one-off music network nights that provided intimate venues where fresh talent could be experienced in a relaxed party atmosphere. This laid the groundwork for collaborations with prominent names like Full Cycle, V Recordings, and Dub War.

UNEARTHED has since branched out in specialising in creative and promotional support to a wide range of clients, offering customised design, guerilla video production, art, commissions, prints and more. To see the latest projects, check out my social media or have a browse through my artwork archive.