Originating from the nineties to the noughties and far beyond, Acid Bunny is the graphic designer and visual artist behind UNEARTHED; the analog to digital artwork mash-ups company.


Starting off with small roots UNEARTHED seeded itself in the music industry with a sure reputable and steady growth.Set up through the Music Open Learning Programme and Bristol CSV who helped turn UNEARTHED's ideas into reality. 


Experienced in all areas of design but with a specialised touch for all things music related. UNEARTHED has seen itself work with a wonderful array of projects, providing its clients with a full and vast spectrum of design with a bespoke touch for every client in every job,time after time.


UNEARTHED was born out of over 20 years of being inspired and intoxicated by almost every aspect of the dance music scene. As well as being brought up within a graphic design company spanning over four decades UNEARTHED became somewhat inevitable!


Realising these great opportunities for their artists community UNEARTHED started showcasing other talented artists on the music scene. Through a series of one-off free parties in low-key intimate venues,where everyone could experience fresh talent, in a relaxed party atmosphere.


UNEARTHED has since branched out in specialising customised design and promotional support to some of the best clients Bristol, the UK and beyond have to offer.


Remaining true to our roots and ethos we are always supporting many projects,artists, communities and companies.