SPZERO76 featuring artist

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SPZero76 is a Bristol to London based illustrator and street artist. His incredible multi-faceted flare has been featured in a number of publications including Color Ink Book, Digital Artist and Fiasco Magazine. As well as tons of wall art, album covers, flyers, computer game art, corporate illustration, children's trading cards and t-shirt designs.

So its is not at all surprising SPZero76 has racked up an impressive client list including the likes of Cubanisto, Posca, Rip Curl, Red Bull, Mambo, and Peavey. As well as producing live art for businesses, festivals and club nights including Secret Wars and being involved in many successful exhibitions in galleries throughout Europe.

Given the probability that you have either read, found, worn, played or even walked past one of his creations - you may recognise these highly illustrative, graphic, cheeky art pieces produced by one of the most sincerely, humble beings to all things graff. SPZero76's genuinely friendly and enthusiastic persona has been very refreshing to see, attracting so many artists working together in old and new spray and pen settings creating lots of popular pieces making the scene and beyond.

Working as part of the Lost Souls street art collective with SquirlCaptain Kris and Si Mitchell. And also the Cretin Collective; Loch NessPaul MonstersDom W and Bill Giles. As well as being the creator of the hugely popular Collaberation Nation, which has grown into a world-wide project featuring almost a hundred international artists all creating delightful visual mash-ups for the masses. We really do hope he will keep on doing what he's doing and given his current rate of projects it thank-fully doesn't look like he is anyway near finished yet! Yay!