Unearthed Featuring Producer



PHANTOM TROPHIES is a musician, producer, and vocalist Lewis Campbell.

After producing electronic music 'on the side' - whilst playing as 1/3 alongside Bristol Indie band COPYCLUB, PHANTOM TROPHIES is now releasing his songs out into the wild. The PHANTOM TROPHIES Project is still in it's infancy but will be already accompanied by live shows in the near future. 

In the meantime he has been hard at it in the studio creating some sincerely cool tracks that refuse to fit into any genre anyone has heard before. Though the response and toe tapping, all day humming effect you get when listening to his music has got people wanting more. His ability to craft perfectly minimal beats and sounds in such a way that leaves an infected hunger to hear more.

Check out the PHANTOM TROPHIES website to listen to current audio and get yourself prepared for what he has in store for you next. I defy you not to hold a chill when you hear his newest minimally melodic and hauntingly beautiful piece which will obliterate any genre defining mix to this date.