The terrifically tenacious Tangent has been a face on the hardcore scene for now quite literally decades. His abundance of enthusiasm on both sides of the decks will see this hardcore hero bouncing with enthusiasm whether he is behind the wheels of steel or hard at it on the dance floor.

Well versed in all set-ups whether it's an old skool scratch on the vinyls or a fast-paced mix-up set on the CDJ's Tangent always has it banging. Which is hardly surprising considering Tangent started out at the tender age of 13 mixing (would you believe it!) House and a little bit of Garage. It didn't last long though - practicing on the old skool belt-drives with 6 records may have driven him insane at the time - but was the practice technique that helped him hone his mixing to the next level - to share with the masses.

It was not long before Tangent was busting out his first live set at Lakota back to back with DJ Stoops where he also was coined his DJ name. As the big man says himself:

"Since then I have done sets in and around Bristol all different scales. One thing I would say is when I am behind the decks I do like to have a good stomp, was there's nothing worse than seeing a DJ just stood there, not enjoying their own set."

This enthusiasm and dedication to the scene has seen Tangent clock up an impressive tour of events, parties and venues including; Delerium, Oxygen, A is for Ardstyle, Lakota, Castros (in it's day), Blue Mountain, BS28, Unearthed, Speed of Sound, Jacammer, Black Swan, White Heart and many more. Including the fundraiser Liam Loves Life - in which Tangent took up a massive role for the family by increasing fundraising efforts, sourcing support and working with the local communities and businesses for this project. Yes, he is a big softie - but anyone that has met him will tell you that!

So plans for the future? Tangent has always done what he does because he enjoys doing it. It has taken him on some incredible paths, opened up memorable experiences. Yes, it hasn't always been smooth, but lessons are there for learning and that is exactly what Tangent is all about. You may never follow a straight path- and who would want too - it's way too boring. Do a Tangent - give it your all - make no apologies doing the things you love and try a different route once in a while - go off on a Tangent. As the man says: Life may not be the party we hoped for... but while we're here we may as well dance.

You can find out more about Tangent here on his social network page:https://www.facebook.com/gavminimilktissuecampbell where he will let you know where you can find out where you to catch him to next. Or you can check out his current sounds and mixes here: https://soundcloud.com/dj-tangent-1