The flight of the PARAFFIN PIGEON was one of graft and modest appreciation. Respected amongst his equals and peers alike PIGEON has brought the old-skool approach to refresh the perspective of current drum and bass.

After years of following drum and bass and socially mixing for friends and house parties UNEARTHED snapped him up to be launch set at one of their showcase nights. Being dropped in at the deep end did not phase this DJ and he has instantly been recognised for his flare of clean, smooth mixes as well as being able to blend new tracks and sounds in with classic and modern day bangers. PIGEON has caught the notice of ravers to artists covering decades of the dance music scene, and they want more!

Now working in the studio with fellow back to back DJ PLATINUM (UNITED SOUNDS) as well as JAY UNEARTHED and more artists to follow as the producing name PARAFFIN. We are only seeing the start of what promises to be a very dedicated service to the drum and bass scene. The results of PIGEON's efforts are becoming clear to see.

Always, however, an avid drum and bass follower you will see PIGEON out at some of the fattest line-ups the UK has to offer. One day hopefully fulfilling his dream of mixing at FABRIC London might not be so far off. But until then PIGEON is happy working on his mixing and production skills which will most definitely keep him in constant demand within the industry.

PIGEON has had a busy touring schedule mixing recently, stepping up the pace for what is yet to come.

You could join in on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Pigeonc86

Follow him on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/craig-pinchen

Or check out his Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/DjPigeonParrafin

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Finally, Parrafin and Jay Unearthed have now for general release proudly: HVX001 - THC / EveryNight you can get a direct link on the advert below - so go and check it out!