It has been several decades now since BUZZ started MC'ing. Cutting his first bars on the mic from the young age of 15, where be broke out at those special type of parties from 1996 to 1997. Vibing on happy-hardcore and old skool and loving the happy vocals that a lot of us grew up with.

Hitting the circuit in the later 1998 - 99 period, BUZZ began showcasing his sound at events like the Total Noise Therapy known as TNT in Sheffield, Delerium in Bristol, Future Dance in London and appearing at Unearthed's very first underground free parties.

This artist modestly thinks back and proclaims "I don't think I've played at many parties". Apart from Fusion, GBH, Absolute Old Skool, Lakota, Depot, United Dance and Hardcore Heaven. He also popped in recently at Slammin's 2012 Westfest catching up with raving legends Robbie Dee and MC'ing some old skool flows over the main man Kenny Ken in their superb old skool arena. Notoriety amongst the industry has seen lots of one-off MC'ing battles that unless you are a real fan or a raver - may not have caught.

Reason being? When you have the likes as Robbie Dee and Sharkey as your influences growing up you get to learn a lot.

"Whether your are changing the pace of your flow or MC'ing on the off-beat, you have to enjoy it, have a laugh and be entertaining. It's not about block after block after block of lyrics. I found creating another level to the music to compliment the set and get the ravers buzzing was what it is all about."

Buzz's 2013 projects include: Unearthed free party mission mentoring MC - producing some excellent sets with MC Hoops and more recently MC Dibbley. He is also teaming up with gabba guru DJ Magpie to bring the live gabba sound well and truely into 2013! This years booking schedule of 'just a few parties', which you can check out his ongoing list on his fan page: facebook.com/McBuzz and soundcloud.com/buzz-da-mc.

For decades now BUZZ has created a name for himself by being himself. In doing that, representing all what the rave scene stood for. His desirability has risen massively these past few years because of this. We salute you the funny foul mouth MC that Bristol and beyond has come to love. So get yourselves connected to his fan pages to find out where he'll be taking you next!